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And So It Begins

Dear Reader,

Thank-you for randomly stumbling upon our blog. We thought that it might be appropriate if you knew who was passing on these words of wisdom. First, we have the sufficiently awkward and alternative, Cori. She doesn’t like long walks on the beach or getting caught in the rain, because lets face it no one likes sand in unwanted places nor does anyone ever look sexy carrying an umbrella. Next, is Zoe who is arguably the more mature one of the two, however this is not without consequence. If she is not mistaken for a middle-aged woman, she is thought to be in a permanent state of teen angst. Now you might be thinking, ‘what an odd pair’, however we like to think of ourselves as a complimentary duo, like the female equivalent of Chandler and Joey. Before we reach the point of overkill we shall end and like all cliche introductions it will be with a quote…

“It’s always darkest before it turns absolutely pitch black” – Paul Newman

Now that our alleged wit has reached its limit, we must now retire for the day. So readers, if you liked our introduction and want more, keep checking back for our next post – The Misconceptions of Uni Life. But seriously now, this is the end. *drops mic

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Two students struggling our way through university in courses that 1) we don't particularly enjoy and 2) have limited career prospects. Now, when we say 'struggle' we don't just mean the content is difficult, we mean that we are 'unique' individuals who struggle to grasp what being a uni student entails. This mainly consists of us having: no money, no friends, no social skills and nought to none male attention. If you can relate, which we seriously doubt, then we encourage you to follow us through our journey from a somewhat pathetic uni student to a sad excuse for an adult.

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